Gon Bops on e-bay! - Last bulk of Gon Bops drums for auction!

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Postby tamboricua » Tue Sep 24, 2002 1:20 am

Hi CongaForum, hope all is well! For those Gon Pops hunters out there. There is about 10 Gon Bops drums for auction at e-bay, right now. According to the seller, this is the last bulk of drums Gon Bops did before selling to Timba. Go and take a look.

Saludos, Jorge Ginorio
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Postby CongaCaja » Wed Sep 25, 2002 3:21 am

Hi again Jorge,

Wow, those Gon Bops on eBay look really nice! And the price doesn't seem bad either.

If I wasn't just a beginner, I'd jump on them. However, I can't really justify buying more drums at the moment. Happy with my matadors (for now). :D


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Postby Chelsea » Wed Sep 25, 2002 8:39 am

I envy the person who'll own that set of four Gon Bops! They look like beautiful drums. Can't beat Gon Bop, I hear.

What do you think guys? Anyone going to start selling prized possessions to place a bid? :)

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Postby 120decibels » Wed Sep 25, 2002 12:10 pm

I'm not going to take out a second mortgage yet :p ! I'm tempted by the set of four, but I think that my wife might kill me. I've already taken over 1/2 of our home with drums, vibes, marimba, etc. :D Life is good, but maybe not that good.

To whoever picks up some Gon Bops in these auctions, congrats! I'm jealous.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love my LP Classics. I have always had a desire to own a set of Gon Bops, though.

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Postby benbaboon » Thu Sep 26, 2002 12:01 am

price isn't that great yet.... reserve isn't met.
Don't know about the last generations of gon bop hardware... the hardware was rather snappy...literally... I had a pair of Marianno model I had to get rid of before I lost an eye. These however look like a higher end model, hopefully a tad less brittle. Think about it... if they were so great why did they go out of business?
I had an older gon bops drum though that was rather nice though... with rods that didn't mind a little tension.

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Postby carlitos » Tue Nov 12, 2002 10:17 am

Hey I was lucky to pick up a set of gon bops off ebay a conga and a tumba 11'' and 12.5" made out of oak. I got them for less than a G, no marks on them. I have a set of the Mahogny that I like better though I was hoping to match them up but the drums are very close in size 10 3/4 and 11 1/2 I've been thinking about selling and just buying the set of Bauers. I played some this weekend and they have that same warm sound as gon bops and there still in business. anyboody interested let me know.
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