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About the books

What we call "books" are collections of patterns, rhythms, exercises and various sheet music and general info for congas and other percussions instrument. The books are not professional methods or guidebooks; we don't want to teach anything to anyone but just share some material that could be of your interest if you are into this world: enjoy the rhythm!

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myCongaPlace: the congueros Community on the web

the first on-line community exclusively dedicated to percussionists and drummers; by joining myCongaPlace You will have the possibility to create your own web page on Congaplace and share your experience with other people with the same interests. You do not have to be a professional musician to join, the community is opened to anyone who loves music and percussions. Personal profile, audio and video files, pictures, scores and partitures, events calendar are few of the things You will be able to add on Your page. If You already have a web-site, beeing part of this community will help to drive more visitors to your official site.



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A random list of audio files from the archive... enjoy listening!

# Author
Jorge Gonzale Rodriguez LISTEN
Carlo Seminara LISTEN
MiTimbal Para Cristo LISTEN
Yonatan Bar Rashi LISTEN
Tony Robinson LISTEN
Laurent ZunZun Lamy LISTEN
Ricky Carrido LISTEN
Leo Di Angilla LISTEN
Laurent ZunZun Lamy LISTEN
Leo Di Angilla LISTEN
Joe Collado LISTEN
madbass LISTEN
senorpuba LISTEN
MiTimbal Para Cristo LISTEN
Danilo Mineo LISTEN
Yambu Tutu LISTEN
MiTimbal Para Cristo LISTEN
MiTimbal Para Cristo LISTEN
David "La Mole" Ortiz LISTEN
md.congas LISTEN
MARCO BONUTTO Percussionist/Drummer LISTEN

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