About me

Manfred Mirsch studies drums and percussion since 1981. At that time more interested in Rock music he started studying drums. While listening music from Cuba, Brasil and Africa he started to learn percussion instruments at 1985. His musical interests focused on afro-cuban rhythms and so he took lessons from teachers like Jos? 'Changuito' Quintana, Luis Conte, John Santos, Los Papines and Eduardo La Voy). While studying cuban music in Berlin and Havanna (Cuba) he got introduced to the special techniques of playing congas, bongos and timbales and learned the most important rhythms in latin-american music. In Berlin he played with several bands, touring in Berlin and all over Germany: Berlin Percussion Project (Percussion-Show), Blue Iguana (Funk), Cach? (Salsa), Cockatoo (Latin-Jazz), Energia (Salsa), Los Gringos (Latin-Jazz), Melao (Salsa), Moving Mirrors (Rock), Nice Guys (Latin-Rock), Orquesta Burundanga (Salsa), Orquesta la Predilecta (Salsa), Pambiche (Merengue), Pan Combo (Calypso), Pan Fire (Calypso, Latin-Jazz), Picasongo (Son Cubano), Ramba Samba (Samba), Rumbarsa (Afrocuban Folklore), Salcherengue (Son), Salsa Mania (Salsa), Salsacional (Salsa), Samba Lolek (Salsa), Son Timba (Salsa, Timba Cubana), Son Trombon (Salsa), Suzi Onyx and The Little Havana Combo (Salsa), The Hip (Acid-Jazz), Too Late (Jazz), Ven Pa Ca (Salsa). At the moment he plays with the following groups: * Rumba Sure?a * Berlin Percussion Project (Percussion-Show with tapdancers) * Orquesta Burundanga (Salsa) * Pan Fire (Calypso, Bossa, Salsa) * Rumbarsa (Afrocuban Folklore) * Son Trombon (Salsa) * Los Gringos (Latin-Jazz) Private lessons and workshops near Stuttgart - Germany. Congas, timbales, bongos; specialized on afrocuban rhythms.