About me

Ricardo "Ricky" Luis Carrido has studied Brazilian percussion and conga as a student of his father, Romeo Carrido, as well as Afro-Cuban traditional music since the age of three. He often presents workshops focusing on Afro-Cuban folklore for the San Diego School District and teaches at the Oceanside Museumof Art, and Palomar College.

Ricky has performed and/ or recorded with such artists as Chuchito Valdez, Pete Escovedo, Larry Harlow, "Mr Bongo" Jack Constanzo, Bruce Cameron's Latin All-Stars, Jimmy Patton, Bradley Leighton, Ron Igarta, Mark Lamson, Silfredo La O Vigo, Seguida, Amilkar Pena. He is currently working on a recording project and several upcoming television performances with Luna Llena, which he co-directs with his father. He Joined Agogo Afro-Cuban Drum and Dance in summer 2007 as its newest member.

Winter of 2008 Ricky Carrido became a sworn bata drummer (Omo Añá, or child of Añá, the deity that lives in the batá drum) from the bata set by the name Obbá koso, that belongs to the Obba Enrique Barriero, from Mantanzas, Cuba. Obbá koso come from the branch of Ewaddo from the house of Fermina Gomez who brought the secret of Olokun to Cuba.

Ricky is a Kaman Artist and is Endorsed by Toca Percussion.