Lp Salsa?

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Lp Salsa?

Postby Barefootserpent » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:03 pm

I've been looking for some good to use LP s. Mostly looking at Matador and up. I came across some salsa drums and basically know that they are shorter and only made for short time. The heads look like they're standard size. anyone have experience with these?
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Re: Lp Salsa?

Postby Greensail » Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:02 am

Cannot speak from personal experience but one of the drawbacks of the salsa model is the 28" height. Most drums are 30" so adding an additional drum in the future could prove somewhat problematic. Or at least I've found varied heights complicated moving between the drums. An adjustable stand can help with that however.
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