Getting Cuban CDs in U.S.

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Abbilona y Tambor Yoruba (Was Re: Getting Cuban CDs in U.S.)

Postby vxla » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:51 pm

Derbeno wrote:As a matter of interest, does anyone know who Abbilona is?

Is it a group or the singer? I have and greatly enjoy quite a lot of their (his) material but can't find any videos or pictures of the performers.

There are many photos of the players in the booklets (if you are fortunate to have the discs from the original issue where the artwork was included). From the liner notes/credits of the Ochún, Yemeyá (I), etc. discs, the following musicians are credited.


Jesús (Cusito) Lorenzo [Elegguá, Yemeyá, Dadá, Oricha Okó, Orúnla, Inlé]
Juan Carlos (Papito) Rey [Oggún, Ochosí, Changó, Osaín, Obba, Oggué, Olokun, Ideyesá de Ochún]
Jesús Gilberto (El Corto) Zayas [Obatalá, Ochosí, Oyá, Changó, Ibeyí, Babalú Ayé, Ochún]

Other cantantes (invitados) are:

Migdalia Hechavarría, Benny Santos, Yanisa Alvarez, Pedro (El Nene) Lugo, José (Pépe) Maza, Dorgeris Alvarez, Carmen Flores, Caridad Cuervo.

The Tambor Yoruba batáleros are listed as:

Irian López, Manley (Pirí) López, Reinaldo (Chinito) López), Pedro López, and Eduardo Aurelio

This is in a chart that details what batálero is on what drum in each recording.

Hope that helps.
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