Have You Ever Screwed Up?

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Have You Ever Screwed Up?

Postby Anton47 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:13 am

I already had such a moment on stage, but in BG we follow the most important Rock'n'Roll rule ever:
Whatever happens, NEVER stop playing!!!!
If one of us gets lost, we continue the song, and the lost one will find his way back into the song, sooner or later (hopefully sooner )
And to give you one example, my fave nightmare was on the last tour, while we played the Bard Song. Since 1992, when the song was released, we played it at every singe show, but on that night I just had a black out and got completely lost right after the first chorus. Andre started to play the solo and I just had no clue at all about the chords Took me about 10 seconds (which felt like 1000000 years in that moment) to get back into the song but then everyting was fine again, the only effect was that I practiced the song again before the next show
We are all human beings, also professionals screw up from time to time.
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