My Life Before Me - una historia oral de Carlos Lazaro Aldam

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My Life Before Me - una historia oral de Carlos Lazaro Aldam

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My Life Before Me - una historia oral de Carlos Lazaro Aldama Perez | BAVC Projects[url][/url]

My Life Before Me’ is a documentary about the life of Afro-Cuban folkloric musician and Lukumi (Santeria) priest
Carlos Lazaro Aldama Perez. Carlos’s life has been dedicated to his cultural music and religion.
His story illustrates the idea that culture is a living thing; it is not limited by geographical borders,
but exists within people and thrives on social exchange. The film explores how African traditions
survived slavery and how they are now thriving two centuries later not only here in California, but
all over the world. His life also highlights how nationalism in post-revolution Cuba brought a wider
acceptance of African ancestry, and allowed for the emergence of Afro-Cuban pride, ultimately
leading to a renaissance of African Diaspora religions.

Carlos’s life has been dedicated to the teaching and the performance of Afro-Cuban music. This passion and commitment to the rich culture of Cuban people, has afforded him to teach and perform music throughout Europe, the Americas and Africa. Carlos Aldama now lives in San Leandro, CA and is available for lectures, consultations, private classes, performances and workshops.

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