Timbale, Conga,Bongo, Latin & American drum, (pic. history

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Timbale, Conga,Bongo, Latin & American drum, (pic. history

Postby Ernesto Pediangco » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:27 am

Documenting a photo history of Latin Drums & Perc. is my forte. I am building one now in Face Book " Congas,Timbales< Bongos, Afro latin drums " and in my personal FB under my name. JC/Johnny Conga knows this, I think he's waiting for me to spend a week copying my materials to this forum ~ and I will ! Much of the photos are from Leedy2's extensive collection and from his direct liniage to much of the history. I dont speak of whom played what / when etc, but I give my expert opinions on the pros & cons of design features, design flaws and needed corections, of pet projects to improve the drums I have owned and /or repaired since 1972. Of the industry's insightful ideas and of its lame adherence to obsolete designs and impractical directions which have flooded the market w/ mediocre models that are hyped up w/ artist endorsements rather than actual insightful design improvements with logical, practical engineering concepts from more mature yet simular industries. I only hold back from actualy disclosing the designs I have accumulated through the years that I need venture $$$ to protect and in some cases, patent protection. The industry is very stagnating to new designers and product developers who odten are taken advantage of or are under non compition contracts. I have no endorsements or contracts , so I am still an objective perspective, but admitedly Pro American/ Pro Latin American. If I do not feel a mutualy benifitial professional relationship w/ a custom builder or major company is possible to build and market my superior concepts and designs, then I will shop other over seas options in the Americas & Asia, depending on funding sources and other criteria. It will be the future, built from the past...but not stagnant as it is now. Stay tuned and meet here in Congaplace forums. "Lets kick the gong around ! / Cab Calloway "
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