Advice needed to complete my set

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Advice needed to complete my set

Postby Silasie » Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:45 pm

I have a Bauer Conga and Tumba and would like to add a Super Tumba and then a perhaps a Quinto in time. Problem is they have stopped making these drums. They were made in Brazil with Brazilian Cedar I think and used to go under the name of Raul's too. I have been trying to look into what make and model of drum might have a simliar sound to complete my set, but I haven't played in a while and the market has moved on a bit and am a bit confused. I live in the UK so I don't have as many options as the US. Anybody got idea's.
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Re: Advice needed to complete my set

Postby Chtimulato » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:39 pm

I suggest you to browse second hand websites and eBay too, but not only in the U.K., in continental Europe too.
I saw a few Raul/Bauer come up sometimes on the german eBay. I think I even knew someone in the U.K. who recently sold his set, if I remember well.
In the U.K for instance, you can sometimes find some gems on (I did sometimes at any case, and they were killing deals).

There's this one in France too :

You'll have to be patient and browse regularily, and maybe one day... :)
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