*New Gon Bops Trio*

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Re: *New Gon Bops Trio*

Postby roberthelpus » Mon May 06, 2013 2:20 pm

windhorse wrote:
maelopr wrote:Love the look of those congas!!! I do have one major gripe with Gon Bops, especially the bongos. I had a pair of Alex Acunas, good wood and great rims. Great sound! Only problem, tuning lugs...Too thin, started losing their shape with not much tension (this with a Fiberskyn head btw). Traded it and soon after he tells me those lugs aint worth %/&-!! Practically straightened out!! A pity, otherwise they'd be top of the list for me..btw the guy I traded it to wrote to Gon Bops to report what had happened, never got an answer...:-\

This is one of the main gripes that Akbar had with the new Gon Bops after they bought his company. They sent off to Thailand for those mass produced thinner metal parts. Akbar's own metal work consisted of huge cold rolled steel that weighs a ton, but lasts forever.

Now you're making me paranoid :( I crank the macho on my GB California series bongos pretty tight. Especially when you are on a gig that starts out with few people and then gets crowded. Would you people please stop breathing and putting all that moisture in the air. :x So I usually have 30 seconds between song and really give them a good crank so that they will settle to about where I want them. I'm kind of surprised that I've really gotten good at educated guessing how far to go. So far the hardware is hanging in just fine.
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Re: *New Gon Bops Trio*

Postby windhorse » Mon May 06, 2013 10:20 pm

roberthelpus wrote:Now you're making me paranoid
Would you people please stop breathing and putting all that moisture in the air. :x
So far the hardware is hanging in just fine.

Sorry Robert. I've never seen anyone have a problem with them,, it's just one of my favorite quotes from Akbar. He is really an amazing guy who made/and still makes really amazing drums. He's incredibly opinionated, which I think is great.

No worries,, the drums are just fine,, and now they weigh less. See there's always an upside!
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