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Manufacturers, brands, skins, maintenance, stands, sticks, michrophones and other accessories for congueros can be discussed into this forum ...... leave your experience or express your doubts!

Re: Seated or Standing

Postby roberthelpus » Sat May 04, 2013 11:32 am

Sitting. turned my one double stand into a percussion holder/stand/table thing and removed the stand brackets from all of my drums. They're around here somewhere. Drum tilted to the right between my legs with any additional drums on LP rubber baby buggy bumpers (conga feet.)

In my music room I have a piece of vinyl floor over the carpet to keep it from soaking up the sound. I have some plywood squares that I can take with me to cover carpet, protect hardwood floors, or to protect the bottom of the drums from concrete if needed.

O yeah. Nice double braced Gibralter drum throne that sits higher than usual to keep my hands/arms lower, at the middle of their range of movement.
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