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Postby michael angelo » Fri Jan 31, 2003 7:57 pm

i think most working pros should at least have 4 to 5 drums for different stlyes of music.. fiberglass are great drum and can be use in many different musical settings..the thing with fiberglass drums is that they project very well especially, and outdoors events where there is a lot of outside noises. in a 12 to 15 piece salsa band that are great..and can be heard nicely.but the thing with fiberglass if you are playing with a small band like in a small restaurant where people are dinning you really have to be aware of the loudness that fiberglass projects..but an experience player should be able to use fiber glass in many different situation...i hae a nice set of drums..
i have 3 fiberglass congas.. patato model. with Remo's nu-skyns// / fiberskin i have . 2 congas and a tumbadora.. i could have add a quinto instead of gettin the 2 conga. but in a latin jazz setting/ or a straight ahead jazz situation you don;t really need the quinto.. the quinto is use mainly in a rumba or folklorical situations where there is a lot of soloing.. the quinto is not a ideal drum for a comtemporary jazz,salsa or R- B band..using 2 congas gives me the versatility i need i tune one high and the other conga mid-range and i even evry thig out with my tumba..if im playing in a real small place that is quite. with only 4 05 5 musicisns then i just use one wood Lp conga with a mule head skin it give me a mellow, warm and round sound.. i did a recording last week and i brought my drum set up. on.. some tunes i use one wood drum and other tunes i use all 3 fiberclass so i can turn lose....///

mucho ache from el barrio, nyc.
michael angelo

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