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Manufacturers, brands, skins, maintenance, stands, sticks, michrophones and other accessories for congueros can be discussed into this forum ...... leave your experience or express your doubts!

Postby rhythmisit » Thu Sep 26, 2002 6:06 pm

Looking for new set. Need that deep bass from Tumba and Crackling Rim slap from Quinto. Tried LP different models. It just does not sound right. What do you huys think of Remo ?
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Postby 120decibels » Thu Sep 26, 2002 6:24 pm

I own LP's, so I may already be biased. However, the REMO drums that I have played in drum shops I did not like. However, that could be the synthetic heads or the drums, who knows.

I've found that a set of properly tuned and tinkered with LP's sound great. I wish that I had some thicker skin heads, but overall, I am happy.

I hear that the REMO Nuskyn heads sound pretty good. I haven't played them or heard them in person, though.

My $0.02,

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Postby JohnnyConga » Sat Sep 28, 2002 4:24 pm

:D Go Pearl Elite,check them out Great sounding drums..At your Service...Pearl Artist....JC JOHNNY CONGA... ;)
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