Congas agian - I have didice on the Toca Elite Series Double Conga Set

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Postby Drummer1 » Sat Jun 02, 2001 6:35 pm

What do you guys think about these congas???
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Postby limberic » Sat Jun 02, 2001 10:49 pm

Drummer1 -

Whew! Drummer1 Man - sounds like you got the hots to buy them #### drums right now! Cool your heels 'bro and don't make a fast choice now that you will regret and want to kick yourself for later.

When I was looking to buy my first conga(s) this past March - I tried the TOCA Players and Elites - I really couldn't hear a difference in their sounds. I ended up choosing the Players 'cause they were 贄 cheaper and I liked the basket stands better than the double stand thing that came with the Elites (beating on them in the store, seemed that the Elites on the double stand "danced" way around too much). However, the Players were not the end of the story.

That 10" requinto, especially, was a tough little bugger to get sounds out of, way beyond my ability. And even the 11' quinto was not giving me that mellow conga sound. So I took the Players back a week later and traded up to ONE LP Matador conga (11 3/4" head). I don't think that LP is necessarily better than TOCAs - the entire Escovedo family endorses TOCAs, but LP Matador was what Guitar Center had in stock in my price range (趤, after jawing and dealing with the salesman). Anyways, I HAVE NOT REGRETTED buying ONLY the ONE, FULL SIZE CONGA - it gives the sounds!!

I asked the same questions in March about TOCAs and stands that you are asking now. Go back and read the responses that I received. And if you do a massive search over the net - you will run into a number of congueros who relate the story of buying an entry-level set of two drums (10 & 11" heads) and GROWING OUT OF THEM IN LESS THAN A YEAR.

You don't have to have two drums to begin AND you don't have to have stands. GO take a cold shower and reflect.

Best Regards,
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