What Congas for a Beginner to Buy?

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Postby limberic » Tue Apr 03, 2001 2:31 am

I am about to buy a / pair of congas. I essentially have 趚 - 跾 to spend right now. What to buy? One higher quality single conga or a beginner's pair of 10/11" heads. I have a hunch from what people have written that I will probably be further a head if I only buy one conga (11 3/4") rather than a beginner set of a pair (10/11"). Do you agree? Is the 10" (requinto?) really something of a problem for beginners? As I wrote before, I have a little 8 1/2 ' conga that I've been banging on for 3 years (and I do get a popping slap on it as well as a tone - but its got no bass). And I have been playing djembe for about one year.

Any suggestions (again!) from experienced congueros would be sincerely appreciated. Please excuse that I posted a very similar message last week but now the old forum is gone.

Thank You Very Much, Eric
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Postby paulo da salvia » Tue Apr 03, 2001 3:11 pm

My personal opinion is to buy two congas, 'cause in anyway you'll need two drums in a short time (of course if you're going to practice these instruments 'seriously')
No matter if you don't start with the best quality.
Another personal suggestion: buy conga + tumba (as in classic cuban style), and not quinto + conga (as I did!!).
Don't worry, you get a slap sound as good as you're playing with a quinto (it depends on tuning), but you have a much better bass.
I don't think you really need a requinto.
Stay tuned!
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