Do I need a tumba?

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Do I need a tumba?

Postby jimmorgan » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:55 pm

Here's my question,

I have a set of two LP original congas and a quinto. Currently I play them tuned approximately G Bb C, lowest to highest. I've been toying with the idea of finding a tumba, but to be honest the set sounds pretty good to me as is.

Would I get enough of a deeper sound with a larger (12.5") drum to justify purchasing one? Would it open up the possibility of tuning the low drum lower? what do you all think? I mostly play in church, so I'm mostly drumming along to rock/pop style music. Thanks. Four drums would probably be overkill for me (to be honest three is most of the time), so I'd probably be swapping out the tumba for one of the congas.

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Re: Do I need a tumba?

Postby RitmoBoricua » Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:14 pm

Not necessarily , it is up to you. Sounds like you are very comfortable with your present
configuration and is working for you. Take for example legendary conga master Candido
Camero who uses (3) LP fiberglass congas (11 3/4")

Pretty much, the standard configuration for what we call Salsa is a 11 3/4" and a 12 1/2".
IMHO your present configuration is just fine. I have this older LP fiberglass conga (11 3/4")
that I like to use as my lower drum and I use an LP fiberglass quinto (11") as my main drum
and it sounds fantastic to my ear. The beauty of them 11 3/4" is that they cover a wide
tuning range, a very versatile drum size to say the least. I hope this helps.
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