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New Conga Bags

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:18 pm
by busyflyin
I just received my 3 new Gator bags today but one of them is defective. The grommet where the cinch strap exits the bag has been pulled out and looks like a production problem. I bought them from 123Music and called them, and without question they emailed me a return label for UPS. Great service, but I just hate sending new toys back like that and then the wait for a replacement. Upon inspection, the bags look great for the price. I paid $129 less 15% for a set of 2 and then an addtional $79 for the 3rd. I saw a post somewhere that someone bought theirs back when they were only $30 each!! I'm pretty impressed with the way they look and I'm looking forward to trying them out on the next gig... and WHEELS!!!