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New Orleans Second Line Drumming Bass Patterns

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:22 pm
by bongosnotbombs
Okay, so I bought myself a big old used Ludwig 24" marching bass drum to play in a jazz funeral kind of gig. Anyways, I looked up some bass drum patterns and was surprised at how familiar the patterns were. Son clave, tresillo, etc. Hey I already know how to play that! Cool.

Anyways, I was only surprised for a second as I remembered all the discussion regarding Congo square, the influence from New Orlean's proximity to the Carribean, the Latin tinge, etc. Of course the New Orleans second lines reminds one of comparsa's in Cuba and even escole de sambas in Brasil.

Anyways, here's the charts. Looking forward to maybe getting some second line action on the side. Walking around with a big ol' bass drum strapped to my belly! Don't worry guys, I'll always be a rumbero!