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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2001 10:22 pm
by Bushido
Hi all,

What a confusing few days it's been. I joined in the old (new) forum just in time to reregister in the new (old) forum. I tried to pick up the theads from the old "what do think of this conga?" topic, so excuse me if this is a redundant question.

I tried out several conga/quinto combos at several local retailers and came across a decently priced set with a stand of LP Aspire Supremes for just over 跌 (new). I know that the LP Aspires are not faves around here, but most of the negative comments seemed to be about the smallish 10" quinto. The aspire supremes are the same construction as the regular, but have an 11" quinto and 11.75" conga instead of the smaller ones. I tried them out side by side with a matador conga and tumba and to my neophyte hands and ears the Matadors didn't seem 2x better in sound quality and playability as the price would dictate.

With a budget of around 趚, I considered the advice of one better conga versus a two lesser combo, but I had a lot more fun on the LPAS set than I did on the single Matador.

Caveat reader, I'm not a traditional Afro-Cuban style player. Image

Anyone tried out the LP Aspire Supremes and have an informed opinion?


PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2001 3:10 pm
by Camuyano
Hey Bushido:

I just joined this group but I've been reading posts since last month because I'm getting a set of LP Aspire Congas this Christmass. I seem to remmember a post some time back where one of the members recommended the LP Aspire as a good conga for beginners and a good value.

I would advise you to look on the web for better prices since I think that even with shipping and handling you can get a set of LP Aspires for less than 跌. Check out the following link where they have them for 赻.95: ... lp/lp.html

I ended up getting mine from Mars Music online since my wife went to the store (which is 30 miles from my house) and they didn't have them after they told me on the phone that they did. I complained to the corporate office and they agreed that if I bought them online they would waive shipping and handling and match the Midwest Percussion price. So I ended up paying only 赻.95 for the set. Sweet!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2002 7:14 pm
by michael rosario
i just bought a set of Lp. aspire supremes for $200.oo at a discount at the guitar center. i changed the skin from W.b
to mule head skin that i got from J.c.r. drums which is a local drum warehouse in my area and my drums sounds awesome just as good as any top drum by Lp. by the way these drums are 30 inches in height.. michael rosario.