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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2001 10:01 pm
by Laurent Lamy
Site of community completely dedicated to the afroCuban percussions the address of which I call back ( remind ) you Some news of my:
There is for the moment:
3 galleries of photos of musicians and instruments
5 fragments mp3
1 article
1 one the methods that we advise some in the others dated base
Some dozen partitions...
Someone members (still little numerous) foreign are, what enriches considerably the exchange.
The only condition to participate in this community is to represent in photo in the row to member, possible yew one the instrument and to send has partition. Naturally, this site has not the other objectivizes than the solidarity among people sharing the same passion, each will have in heart to renew the site by sending regularly information...
Laurent Lamy

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